Why we need to Love Socialism

27 November 2020

This article is published in the Independent Clive Lewis MP, Rachael Maskell MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP and Alex Sobel MP “While one may encounter many defeats, one must not be defeated.” ― Maya Angelou Politics, just as in life, forces you to confront failings and reflect on that deeper truth – namely that you cannot become […]

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A view on the EHRC report in to the Labour Party

15 November 2020

The EHRC report was deeply upsetting and difficult to read. It was professional, factual and just in identifying the failings of the Party’s procedures and culture. We support, in full, its recommendations. The report reconfirms that antisemitism is a real issue in the Labour Party, primarily manifested through conspiracy theories about Jewish or “Zionist” power […]

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Love Socialism – Transform Labour: (re)founding statement.

10 July 2020

Our party has been on a journey. The past five years has seen Labour set out a radical agenda for a different kind of society. That progress, however, cannot be taken for granted, as both the 2019 election result and challenging political culture that grew up in the party showed. To inhabit this vision, it […]

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