Love Socialism – Transform Labour: (re)founding statement.

10 July 2020

Our party has been on a journey. The past five years has seen Labour set out a radical agenda for a different kind of society. That progress, however, cannot be taken for granted, as both the 2019 election result and challenging political culture that grew up in the party showed. To inhabit this vision, it is important to continue to develop the politics, policies and thought of the radical left across the Labour Party and the wider movement. The country is hungry for change and Labour must continue to offer a real alternative.

The challenges of the 21st Century will be markedly different and greater than those that have gone before. Climate Change, Automation, Resource Scarcity and an Ageing Society bring challenges that will expose the ability of Capitalism to deal with shocks and protect people. Only Democratic Socialism has the locus and ability to cope with these challenges.

The Labour Party is a mass movement full of talent, energised by the belief of a better society, not wanting to fall to establishment consensus but to change it. We need to work with these voices in lockstep with wider civil society towards the triumph of our historical mission for: social justice; equality; environmental sustainability and a participative and democratic economy.

We set out to be the space on the left of our movement, with a vision to consolidate the radical energy of our movement and beyond. Labour politicians joining with radical and progressive forces  across the country engaging in campaigns, debates and policy development that sets out a vision built upon equality, solidarity, emancipation and democracy. It is through such values we can and will  solve the pressing issues of our time. An agenda that will  sustain us into the future.

Love Socialism MPs, Labour Party Members, trade unionists, civil society, community campaigners, environmentalists, and all who share these values will be invited to contribute to speak into this programme and help give it shape.

Our beliefs

Love socialism:

  • Believes in an economy that prioritises the principles of public, democratic ownership.
  • Believes in a society where the eradication of poverty and inequality and the pursuit of public well-being comes before the pursuit of unlimited growth on a finite planet.
  • Believes in building a truly internationalist agenda on the principles of global cooperation, fair trade, anti-racism, sustainability, peace and human rights.
  • Believes that centuries of structural racism and patriarchy has created power structures locking out working class people, women, black asian and ethnic minorities or people of colour, disabled people, LGBT+ people and other sections of society. We believe in an intersectional movement taking on embedded power structures.
  • Believes to be anti-racist we must engage in the struggle against historic, institutional and structural inequalities, including advocacy for migrants’ rights.
  • Believes in an enabling state which invests in communities and delivers universal public goods e.g. housing and services on the basis of need
  • Believes it is our duty to rebuild a sustainable planet through an ambitious climate and ecological agenda.
  • Believes in the redistribution of power through radical transformation of our political system.
  • Believes that our political culture must reflect our stated beliefs and values of kindness, empathy, compassion and love.
  • Believes in the power of organised labour which enables workers to have rights in workplace organisation and collective bargaining.

Our practice

We are part of a movement. Movements are not tied down with constitutions and membership. Instead we invite all who share our vision to move to this radical space.

We work through the principle of praxis: “reflection and action directed at the structures to be transformed”. We work with others, not for others, with a shared theory of change.

We seek a comradely atmosphere where discussion, disagreement and diversity of views are encouraged, not shied away from. From thesis and antithesis comes synthesis: a stronger position, hardened and battle tested by the act of debate and disagreement. No one has a monopoly of wisdom or ideas.

Leadership is about giving the movement agency and not just directing from the top down: where everyone is empowered. It requires the ability to speak up for our values whether popular or not. We recognise it is a constant struggle to ensure our values have popular appeal. To achieve this we must build alliances and consensus around our values.

We seek solutions that work for all and do not create ideological, cultural or procedural disagreements for the sake of it.

How we will work together

By building a hub for the many spokes of the radical and plural left which reach from inside our party down to local communities. We will create a platform to take our values, ideas and actions into communities and wider society. One that embraces  the physical and intellectual diversity of our communities.

We are founded by MPs working with trade unionists, academics and activists in our party and beyond, aligned with these values. Our work is there for CLPs to use to advance their debates, policies and ultimately their contributions to the formal policy processes of the party and to support progressive policy formation for our frontbench. MPs in Love Socialism will also work together to progress our collective agenda within the Labour Party, within parliament and beyond.

Agreed 10 July 2020